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Jyoti is sanskrit for Light. Ready to ignite yours?
Drawing from the traditions of Ayurveda, Yoga, Energy and Sound Healing we design and create a lifestyle program customized for your wellness needs and goals.
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Training accessible for All

Jyoti Yoga & Healing is dedicated to celebrating diversity across cultures, race, ethnicity, belief systems, sexual orientations, ages, abilities, and body types. We acknowledge a lack of diverse representation in yoga community in our country and commit to doing what we can to increase access to yoga’s healing potential in communities of need and throughout marginalized populations. As a training institution, the best way we can commit to increasing diversity in yoga spaces, is helping to grow a teaching community that is represented by people of diverse backgrounds and ethnicity. We aim to foster more diverse representation in our student body and ultimately, in our program staff.

Current Scholarship Opportunitues

JYH 200HR Teacher Training

3 partial scholarships are currently available for yoga students who wish to train as teachers in the JYH 200HR Teacher Training from historically marginalized populations including BIPOC and LGBTQ.

1 scholarship in the amount of $750
2 scholarships in the amount of $500

Scholarship applications are due by March 10th, 2021.

Please make sure to submit your program application along with the deposit prior to applying for the scholarship.

In addition to the scholarship funds, you may want to set up a gofundme campaign to raise further funds. We will support and promote your gofundme campaign on our social media outlets.

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Jyoti Yoga & Healing is committed to providing training and wellness services to people from all backgrounds and socioeconomic classes.  Help us raise funds for our potential students who want to learn and bring their knowledge back into their communities.  Every bit helps.  We appreciate your generosity and willingness to change the world.

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