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Jyoti is sanskrit for Light. Ready to ignite yours?
Drawing from the traditions of Ayurveda, Yoga, Energy and Sound Healing we design and create a lifestyle program customized for your wellness needs and goals.
It all starts with a 90 minute comprehensive assessment
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Drawing from the traditions of Ayurveda, Yoga, Energy, Sound Healing and Somatic Experiencing® and Somatic Touch therapies we design and customize sessions for your wellness needs and goals.


Consultations in Ayurvedic Lifestyle Design

The word Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that evolves from the combination of two words, “Ayuh” meaning life and “veda” meaning knowledge. Ayurveda “Science of Life” or “wisdom of life” deals with nature and includes all aspects of life.  The practice of Ayurveda focuses on finding each person’s optimal balance, current imbalances and how to restore equilibrium.

What’s Involved in a Session?

A typical initial Ayurvedic assessment is one and half hours. I will ask you detailed questions about your health, diet, and lifestyle. I will examine your tongue; observe the appearance of your skin, lips, nails, and eyes as well as listen to your pulse. We will discuss your immediate and long term goals and needs.

Based on the information collected, together we will create a customized program which may include diet, yoga, herbs, body treatment, sound and energy therapy.  My goal is not to overwhelm you with alterations to your lifestyle, so we will make sure the changes suggested are easily adaptable.

You will learn about your metabolic type (dosha) and how to restore balance and create long-lasting health and longevity

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Somatic Movement & Yoga Therapy

Customized Yoga Programs for Recovery, Rehabilitation & Complimentary Care

The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means to unite or to yoke. Through the systematic practice of yama (restraints), niyama (observances), asana (postures), pranayama (breath control), pratyahara (introversion), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation) as written by Pantanjali, we achieve smadhi or the state of total integration. There are many types of Yoga practices that lead you towards the same goal.

How is Yoga Therapy different from a Yoga class?

Yoga Therapy takes a custom approach either to the person in a private setting or to the imbalances within a group session. Whether you are recovering from a specific physical and/or emotional trauma, have a recurring condition such as back pain or are undergoing treatment for cancer or any chronic illness yoga therapy can help service as a perfect complement to your overall continuum of care. After a thorough intake process we design a suitable program that will address your specific needs drawing upon different styles and aspects of yoga, Ayurveda and Somatic Experiencing®

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Sound Healing

“Sound is the medicine of the future.” – Edgar Cayce

Physics defines Sound as vibration that propagates as an auditable wave of pressure and displacement, though a medium such as air or water. The human body is made up of 70% water thus making it a perfect medium for sound vibration. Our body is effected by sound on the cellular level. Through the use of Himalayan Singing bowls the body is introduced to the healing harmonic sound wave that helps dislodge stagnation on the cellular level and bring the body/mind into its perfect tune.

How to Experience a Session?

There are couple of ways to experience a session: group (large/small) sound healing meditation/concert or a private session. Both practices are about an hour long and the participant(s) lie in a supported supine position. During a group session, deep relaxation protocols are introduced as well the bowl is placed and rung directly on a person’s body to encourage deeper vibrations.

During a private or semi-private session sound healing can be used as a complimentary approach to address areas such as arthritis, ADHD/ADD, anti-depression, anti-anger, chakra balancing and warm water therapy to name a few.

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Promoting Relaxation & Overall Well-Being

Reiki (Japanese for “Universal Life Force Energy”) is an ancient, hands-on system of natural healing originating from Japan. Through gentle touch by a practitioner on or off the body, Reiki promotes relaxation and general well-being by bringing the body, mind and spirit into balance and alignment. Reiki increases the body’s ability to heal itself, and is a gentle and safe way to compliment traditional medicine, or deepen a spiritual practice.

How to Experience a Session?

There is no one way to experience a Reiki session. Many people report feeling deeply relaxed after a session. Some experience heat, light breeze or tingling sensations from the practitioner’s hands. The important thing to know is that Reiki will flow to the place that needs it.

For further relaxation and integration I incorporate the use of Himalaya Singing bowls during the session.

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Jyoti Yoga Group Classes

Balance Mind, Body & Spirit

Jyoti Yoga is an open level vinyasa class that incorporates intelligent season appropriate sequences, mudras, pranayama, meditation and sound healing practices to promote balancing of body, mind and spirit.

Jyoti = Light

Join us on Thursdays at 6:30pm

***All group classes are taught on Zoom platform at this moment due to the pandemic***

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Julia Abramova has helped me to achieve happiness and wholeness in my life that I never believed possible! When I first came to Julia for an Ayurvedic consult, I was exhausted and anxious. I was experiencing chronic gas and bloating, my hair was limp, and my nails were weak, flaky and dry. As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, she looked at more than just my physical symptoms, taking a body-mind approach. Julia worked with me to make small, simple, and natural changes in my diet and lifestyle to balance my system. Now almost one year later, physical symptoms have disappeared, I am less anxious, and I feel whole and healthy! Thank you, Julia, you changed my life! - LFR
Julia set up a couples sound healing sessions for us, creating such an atmosphere of peace and healing. We leave the sessions feeling like we just had a massage on a cellular level, we sleep solid that evening, and we look forward to seeing her for the next session. The couple’s sessions also have deepened my relationship with my husband. We both believe in it so much that we also attend as many of Julia’ s workshops as we can. - J&D
I have enjoyed several one-hour Reiki sessions with Julia Abramova (of Jyoti Yoga & Healing) and I highly recommend this ultra-relaxing experience. You come away calm and clear, with a sense that you’ve been fully cared for, nurtured, and accepted for who you are. Julia’s gentle, tender, and wise touch is healing for body, mind, and spirit. One nice extra: The massage bed heats up (toasty in the winter) and soothes aching muscles. Each session has been a little different, but I always come away happy, comfortable, and open to life. -TC